Battling to avoid the discomfort of tech neck

At the chiropractors Hull trusts, we can support you and work on many issues. This will help you feel great and also reduce stress on your body. A common form of discomfort people often suffer from is something many call “tech neck”.

What Is It?

It is a term given to issues that stem from the use of technology. This can be pain, stress and discomfort in the neck from being positioned with your head hanging forward. The cause is often mobile phones; this is why you may hear it also referred to as text neck.

There are other effects that it can have on the body, like poor posture and headaches. It can even go beyond feeling sore; you can experience something known as a repetitive strain injury. You need to take care to prevent this and deal with it if you already suffer from it.

Think About Your Posture

Of course we are not expecting everyone to give up their phone and other pieces of technology. This is even harder when you have an office job where you are working at a computer. However, by caring about your posture you can help yourself while using the tech.

Whatever time you get, take a break and stretch. Even a few minutes at a time adds up as it is frequency that is important. This means as well as not looking at your screen, you should try walking around or doing some exercises to help your health.

While using technology, you must ensure that you have the correct positioning. This means putting devices at eye level to help your neck. In addition your shoulders should be straight and not hunched. Try to pull yourself upwards too as this will help you sit the right way.

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