Dr. Dennis Grant (Registered Chiropractor) has been treating patients from all across Hull and the surrounding areas since 1989. Alongside offering tailored treatments he has also spent time delivering lectures to General Practitioners at Hull Royal Infirmary and appeared on BBC Radio Humberside.

Chiropractic treatment can provide benefits for people from all walks of life and professionals in a wide array of different fields including;

  • Footballers
  • Rugby League and Union players
  • Cricketers
  • Dancers
  • Gymnasts
  • Singers
  • Actors from theatre, TV and film

Similar to many chiropractors Dr. Grant (Registered Chiropractor) first experienced the benefits of chiropractic as a patient. Disabling back pain and sciatica affected Dennis in his 20s, making it very difficult to continue with a lifestyle that included daily sporting activities. At the time he was advised to stop sport altogether.

A trip to the chiropractor provided relief and meant such a dramatic lifestyle change was not needed. Ultimately the treatment helped Dr. Grant (Registered Chiropractor) continue with sport and led him to complete a number of marathons. It also inspired a new career direction.

In 2003 Dr. Grant (Registered Chiropractor) made the decision to move to Italy, spending 5 years operating a small country clinic in the mountains. He returned to the UK in 2008 and opened Avenue Chiropractic Clinic in 2009. Since then he has worked hard to provide the most effective treatments to patients from throughout the local area.